WeatherSnoop 3

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WeatherSnoop 4

for macOS Sierra

Coming Summer 2017!

What's New in WeatherSnoop 4

We created the most powerful personal weather manager, only for macOS Sierra.

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New User Interface
The new source list-based user interface consolidates all of WeatherSnoop 4's features into a single window. Windows can be undocked and re-docked for ultimate flexibility.
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Complete Plug-In Support
We built WeatherSnoop 4 from the ground-up with a robust plug-in architecture. Now, plug-ins can be written to support new stations, sharing services, and other features.

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Great Reports
Our new reports interface gives you visually stunning, easy-to-print reports on your weather information. You can even obtain reports from the built-in web server.
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Custom Dashboards
Create your own custom dashboards with gauges, text, and other user interface elements. View your weather data the way you want.

Have questions? We have some answers.

How can I upgrade to WeatherSnoop 4?
If you purchased WeatherSnoop 3 Pro on or after January 1, 2017, you are entitled to receive WeatherSnoop 4 free. All other customers will be able to purchase WeatherSnoop 4 at an upgrade price to be announced.
Will there be Lite and Pro versions of WeatherSnoop 4?
We plan to make WeatherSnoop 4 available with all features for a single price, so there will not be a Lite version of the software.
Should I upgrade to WeatherSnoop 4 if I am content with WeatherSnoop 3?
Many customers will continue to use WeatherSnoop 3, as it runs on systems all the way back to Mac OS X 10.5 and supports PowerPC Macs. Our plan is to continue to support WeatherSnoop 3.