WeatherSnoop 3

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Weather Stations.

WeatherSnoop 3 supports many popular personal weather stations.

Supported Stations

WeatherSnoop 3 supports a wide array of connectivity options to supported personal weather stations, including USB, serial, and ethernet. There's even support for serial to ethernet adapters for serial-based stations.

Columbia Weather Systems
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Columbia Weather Systems offers a line of solid, professional weather stations and sensors used in a number of industries. WeatherSnoop 3 supports the following Columbia Weather Systems stations:
  • CWS MicroServer (Ethernet)
Davis Instruments
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Davis Instruments manufactures a popular line of home weather stations. The console is typically sold separately from the data logger, which connects to the Mac via serial, USB, or ethernet. WeatherSnoop 3 supports the following Davis consoles:
  • Davis Vantage Pro (WeatherLinkIP/WeatherLink USB/WeatherLink Serial)
  • Davis Vantage Pro2 (WeatherLinkIP/WeatherLink USB/WeatherLink Serial)
  • Davis Vantage Vue (WeatherLinkIP/WeatherLink USB/WeatherLink Serial)
  • Davis Weather Envoy (WeatherLinkIP/WeatherLink USB/WeatherLink Serial)
Fine Offset
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Fine Offset is a Chinese-based manufacturer that offers a line of economically priced weather stations. These stations are typically rebranded and rebadged by other companies. The following list of weather station brands are actually Fine Offset stations that WeatherSnoop 3 supports:
  • Aercus WS3081 (USB)
  • Ambient Weather WS-1080/WS-1090 (USB)
  • Ambient Weather WS-2080/WS-2090 (USB)
  • Maplin N96GY/N96FY (USB)
  • National Geographic 256NC (USB)
  • Tycon TP1080WC (USB)
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Kestrel manufactures a line of Bluetooth-enabled pocket weather meters. WeatherSnoop 3 supports the following models:
  • Kestrel 4000 Family
Peet Bros.
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Peet Bros. is a Florida-based manufacturer of affordable professional weather stations. WeatherSnoop 3 supports the following serial-based models:
  • Peet Bros. ULTIMETER 100/800/2000/2100 (Serial)
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RainWise is a Maine-based weather station manufacturer offering a professional line of weather stations and instruments. Connectivity options are serial and USB. WeatherSnoop 3 supports the following RainWise stations:
  • Rainwise WS-2000 Computer Interface (Serial)
  • Rainwise CC-3000 (USB)
Texas Weather Instruments
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Texas Weather Instruments of East Pilot Point, Texas manufactures a line of high-end professional weather stations that connect to a local area network. WeatherSnoop 3 supports the following models:
  • Texas Weather Instruments NWS/RWS (Ethernet)
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WeatherHawk is a Utah-based weather station manufacturing company that has several models of rugged, professional weather stations. WeatherSnoop 3 supports the following stations:
  • WeatherHawk 600 (Ethernet)
  • WeatherHawk Signature Series (Ethernet)