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Weather Reports

Beautiful Reports
The reports plug-in provides visually stunning, easy-to-print reports on your weather information. You can even obtain reports from the built-in web server.

Database Health
The archive report shows details about your historical weather database, including earliest/latest records, the number of historical records for each property, and the database health and size.

Complete Visibility
See your entire Site Document's settings at a glance, including sharing settings and information from other plug-ins.

Go to Extremes
The extrema report gives you the high and low values for each weather property for a selected time period.

Your Personal Meteorologist
Get a quick summary of the current conditions with the weather report.
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Custom Dashboards
(Editing Coming Soon)

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Build It Your Way
The dashboard plug-in gives you complete control of how your weather data looks and feels. Add gauges, text labels, LEDs, and even web content to your dashboard views.
Fully Configurable
Control the detail of each element on your dashboard. Text can be any font and size, LEDs can be any color, and gauges can be resized.